Welcome to MK Towing Service, your reliable source for 24/7 Avondale Towing. We specialize in offering a wide range of towing services, from emergency and car towing to long-distance and commercial needs. Our commitment to prompt, affordable, and professional service ensures that whether you need local towing, roadside assistance, or fleet services towing, we're always ready to help. Trust us for your towing needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with the best towing service in the area.




Are you in an emergency and need roadside assistance? Call us today, and we can deploy our emergency trucks to your location in no time at all

If you're stranded, then you are going to need emergency service to come by and lend a hand. We offer excellent towing services and can provide tow 

All you have to do is give us a call and tell us about the vehicle that needs to be towed. From there we can assess the best type of towing that your vehicle will 


Why Choose MK Towing Service ?

We offer some of the best towing services in Avondale. For several years we have helped work for individuals and businesses alike, providing high quality towing services. Call us today, and we promise to do our best to help you with our efficient and ethically priced services!

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We are the premier towing company in your area. If you are looking for quality towing services, be sure to give us a call today.

Jump Starts

Batteries die all the time. If you're in a humid climate, the acid will form and kill the battery. If you're in a frigid climate, they'll freeze and not be able to turn over.

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Flat Tire Changes

Tires are hit or miss with a lot of people. Too often have we ended up stranded on the side of a road because of a tire turned floppy. 

Affordable Towing In Avondale, Florida

Have you found yourself stuck on the roadside and in need of a low-cost tow truck to pick you up? Trust Towing Service to pick you up and get your vehicle or motorcycle back to your home or the auto shop that you desire.

We own a fleet of trucks on standby to take care of all your towing, parking enforcement, and roadside assistance needs here in the Avondale, FL area. Don’t hesitate to call. Contact us immediately because, with our inexpensive tow truck prices, you will be pleased that you picked us and will be on your way to safety and comfort. If you need Towing in Avondale, just get in touch with us, and we’ll provide ASAP towing.